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We’re a software development company based in Bangkok. We craft outstanding web and mobile applications that drive business results and move brands forward.

Bridging the Gap Between Business & IT

It's not easy to transform your ideas into an actual product. We know that.

Our mission is to get you to talk about your vision, to question your thoughts, and to challenge your assumptions. Add our technical expertise and pragmatic solutions to the mix: that's how you'll succeed.

Product Development Bangkok

Fast Time-to-Market, Continuous Refinement

Fluent works with companies who understand that technology is an integral part of their business.

We provide end-to-end product development with a focus on lean development: design well, build fast, launch early. Then measure, learn, and repeat. We pursue what works and we dump what doesn't.

Project Management Done Right

More than 50% of IT projects fail or get delayed. It's not the lack of skills; it's the absence of efficient project management.

While working with technology is complex, working with us isn't. We speak tech at home, and we talk business with you.

Our Services

Our team of specialists can tackle every aspect of your product. From UX/UI to development and launch. There will be someone with you every step of the way.

User Experience

We deliver well-designed digital experiences.
User flows, wireframes, user stories, information architecture, motion design...


Extensive experience with Node JS, Mobile, PHP, NodeJS, Python, GraphQL, React, Vue.js, SQL and NoSQL database design and implementation.


Cloud (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean), Security, Scalability, Performance (Caching, Optimizations), Microservices, Docker.

Online Advertising & SEO

Get the guidance you need to ensure your next campaign is generating real leads and real business, for every dollar you spend.

Creative Direction & Production

Imagery is a critical part of brand image. Our talented photographers and video experts will take your company beyond words.

Data science

Quantitative analysis and modelling, Machine learning (A.I., Neural networks), Algorithm design, Visualization (Tableau, GGplot, Matplotlib, Shiny), Data engineering, Big data (Hadoop, Elastic Search). Featured Case Study

For over 10 years, has been one of Netherland's leading telecomunication websites. compares millions of mobile phone contract prices every day.

Real organic traffic

Over 300,000 unique visitors per month.

Blazing fast performance

The website fully loads in less than a second.

Scalable infrastructure

Not a single service distruption in the span of 9 years.

Our Founders

We come from different backgrounds, with diverse experiences, and we work towards a common goal: building outstanding web applications and products.

Jeroen Chief Technology Officer

With over 15 years of experience as a software engineer, digital marketer, and entrepreneur, Jeroen knows what it takes to build outstanding software, web and mobile applications that meet your business needs.

Besides having worked as a software engineer for several tech companies, Jeroen has been successful in running one of the biggest telecommunication portals in the Netherlands, helping thousands of people save money on their mobile contracts on a daily basis.

Julien Chief Product Officer

Self-taught entrepreneur for over a decade, Julien uses his experience in project management, product development and user experience to transform your ideas into world class applications.

Julien previously ran a N2Clic Ltd for over 6 years as project manager and business developer. One of his most notable accomplishment was to build, grow and sell a WordPress business named "Awesome Support".

Lasse Lead Engineer

With a solid background in mathematical modeling and software development, Lasse's comprehensive skill set allows him to both formulate and implement the optimal solution to any complex problem. Moreover, his extensive experience in consultancy guarantees fluent communication at any level.

Lasse holds a MSc. in theoretical physics and has over 10 years experience developing data-driven software solutions. He has succesfully completed projects for some of the Netherland's largest financial institutions, retailers and tech-companies.

Want to join our team?

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We're always seeking new talents to help us build a world class team.

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Our Values

Having clear values is what drives consistent work, renewed customer satisfaction, and ethics.
Here are our values. We hope that you will be inspired to work with us.

Passionate & Enthusiastic

We love what we do.
We don’t shy away from a challenge, and we strive always to deliver higher quality.


We go all-in to match your expectations, and then some.
We’re not afraid of putting in long hours.

Love to Share

We share our knowledge and excitement with you. When we find something new you could benefit from, you’ll be the first to hear.

Team Spirit

We promote collaboration; our workflows are built around that idea. We also encourage responsible work a leadership mindset.


We're open about how we operate, and we're clear about how we charge. You're free to take a peek at our tech stack and our processes.

Hands-On Mentality

It is essential for us to have full control of your project's quality. Everything's hand-made, and you're talking to the people who do the work.

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